Take personality assessment tests in the past?  Wonder if you have the personality and motivation to be an Enterprise Architect?

If you have read or have my book, you’ll see that I recommend visiting www.zoomfactorbook.com/selfassessment.

You can still visit that space, but take note that I am now recommending a tool that you can use for free, and get a detailed visual spider diagram, similar to the one you see in Figure 14 in the book.  If you would like to take this free assessment, you’ll get a visual assessment of your personality/motivation scores in your career, and if you would like to take the detailed assessment and career coaching session, you get a detailed report with recommendations on how you can improve your current career status, as well as recommendations for better positioning in your comfort levels.

Complete for time limited introductory priced detailed assessment:

There are many personality assessment tools our there, but this assessment tool is different. I found it fun, easy and quick to use, and I didn’t feel frustrated when I was done.

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