KINDLE Zoom Factor for the Enterprise Architect is Available

KINDLE Zoom Factor for the Enterprise Architect is Here

First of all thank you to all who have been so kind to write comments and tell me how you’ve been enjoying the book and also to those expressing an interest in getting a kindle edition.  I’ve been working at getting the edition to you as soon as I can. I have been travelling and trying to work with a few different methods of converting my source text to the correct format.

After several trials with conversion to ePub, MobiPocket and pure html, as well as searching for someone to do this for me quickly, I am having to use a combination and am getting close to having this in acceptable format.  I wish I would have known how difficult this would have been as I would have saved kept up with updates to my pure text version before sending it off to my book designer who completely changed the formatting of my book text with special word “features”.

Enough rambling -enjoy your Zoom Factor on KINDLE.

Thank you so much for your patience & happy architecting!

Sharon Evans

Author of Zoom Factor for the Enterprise Architect

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