If you are following either the downloadable Roadmap, or the Chapter in the book about knowing yourself, your strengths and your wants, you’ll see direction to this page on Self Assessment.

While it’s still a good tool, it’s no longer my first choice.    Please take my FREE assessment at Talentoday, and take advantage of a limited offer for an extended version of the assessment report by completing this form:

Be sure to connect with me at TalentToday and you can compare yourself with me, or others in similar industries and friends.

*** This link will not be recommended in 3rd Edition of Zoom Factor

Take the Kolbe A™ Index in addition to the assessment work giving in the Roadmap document.

Kolbe is ONE of the best and most accurate self-assessment tools that I have tried and tested. Note – there is a fee for this service from one of my affiliate partners, but you will find it well worth this small investment.

I shared my results within the book — it is very interesting and quite accurate.

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