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What Others Are Saying…

The Zoom Factor book, and your coaching have given me a significant head start in this field and I am proud to say that our first roadmap was very positively received. — Ted Doholis, Enterprise Architect, City of London

“This book goes directly to the heart of why enterprise architects often fail to make the progress they want. The author provides deep insight into the challenges we face, and propose practical yet innovative architecture and career solutions for aspiring as well as experienced enterprise architects.”

—Dr John Gøtze, Co-founder, International Enterprise Architecture Institute & Lecturer, IT University of Copenhagen

“A must read for anyone new to the architecture field or who wants to grow their career.  Sharon’s book is a helpful and easy-to-read resource that you can start to use and profit from immediately.”

—Scott Bockheim, Manager of Enterprise Architecture, MillerCoors

“It’s often said that enterprise architecture is a journey, not a destination.  In fact, enterprise architecture is multiple journeys – a journey as an evolving discipline, a journey as an emerging profession, a journey for an organization as its enterprise architecture matures, and finally the journey of an individual practitioner’s career and professional development.  It’s this personal journey that gets the least attention and is thus the least well understood.  At last, we have a resource that not only maps out this journey for you, but gives you advice as to how to travel it in style. As such, Ms. Evans’ book is a welcome and major contribution to the state of the art.”

—Leonard Fehskens, V.P., Skills and Capabilities, The Open Group

“Finally! A book for career architects with insightful no-nonsense advice that goes beyond the typical frameworks and models discussion to get to the core of what it means to be a successful enterprise architect.  New and seasoned architects alike will want to read this book.”

—Jeff Scott, Forrester Research

“This book leaves the realm of models and frameworks to educate the reader on what it takes personally and professionally to succeed in the world of architecture.  It allows the reader to candidly assess their readiness and suitability to this role that balances technical mastery with business acumen.  You won’t find this critical information anywhere else.”

—Stephen Farr, Chief Architect, National Life Group

If you aspire to be an Enterprise Architect, Zoom Factor explains enterprise architecture and lays out a roadmap for achieving your career goal in a common sense, easy to understand format.  Zoom in with this book before somebody zooms you out.

—Stuart Charles, CIO, Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba

At a time when doubt grips the world economy and companies face increased competition Sharon Evans’ book provides a definitive path for IT Strategy. This book is an essential toolkit for any IT Architect looking to ensure the long-term viability of their company and their own career.

—Michael J. Daniel, CTO /
Senior Vice President of Engineering, AR Publishing

I have no interest in enterprise architecture as a career, but I think that this is a great book.  To me, it’s a book about striving for excellence and achieving success in any endeavor – business or personal.  It just so happens to be applied to the EA world.  Using her extensive technical experiences, her business acumen, and her keen awareness of human behavior, Sharon plots a clear path to success.  She continually points out in her book that if you start to do anything, you should strive for excellence in that endeavor.

If you want to be an EA, then be an excellent EA.  But, the book’s message is universally applicable.  If you want to be a teacher, then be an excellent one.  If you want to be a friend, an author, a husband, a gardener – then be an excellent one.  Start by aiming high (excellence), develop a plan, monitor and measure your progress, continue to grow personally and professionally, and give to others (mentor or coach – they are two way avenues to growth) – that’s the path to success in any field.

This is not a technology book.  It’s a personal, business, career mapping and improvement book focused on a technology related activity.  It’s lucid and crisp with a simple message – achieving success does not have to be complicated.  But it does involve commitment, hard work, and a flexible plan.  Anyone who wants to be successful can learn something from Sharon’s narrative.

—James M. Livelsberger, Program Manager, EMBARQ

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