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Author Sharon C. Evans

Sharon C. Evans is the Principal and Founder of Firefli Consulting Inc., where she provided coaching and mentoring to enterprise architects and focused on ensuring excellence and success in their professional development. Her consulting and advisory work centered on improving strategic impact, creating value, and obtaining fast results by using architecture in enterprises. Her mission is to see that architects do not spend too much time in the mire and circumstance of IT departments, remain focused on the big picture, and maintain their “Zoom Factor”.

Her career experience spans more than twenty-three years in information technology as an architect coach, mentor, chief architect, analyst, strategist, and consultant. She has worked with more than one hundred companies in various industries and the public sector. In 2003, Ms. Evans created a system known as the Architect Boot Camp, and she has delivered her simplified methods through this architecture- and methodology-related training to architects on six continents.

Ms. Evans has been a sought-out expert adviser on various online architecture forums, and she has several electronic newsletters and membership portals through which she shares architecture knowledge with her readers. An accomplished speaker, Ms. Evans is a frequent presenter and educator at various industry events, forums, conferences, and executive education and university programs.

Ms. Evans was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and has degrees in economics, computer science, and management from the University of Manitoba. She resides in Winnipeg with her husband and child. For more information about Ms. Evans, visit

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